What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

by HRStaff

HR Precision partners with your business to understand your specific organizational needs and to provide HR-related practices to align with your strategy and values. As a business partner, HR Precision collaborates with you to provide guidance and solutions throughout your business life cycle. Tresa is valued as a trusted advisor and partner with organizational boards of directors, CEOs, and executives.

Effective HR practices positively impact business results through the strategies of increasing effectiveness and decreasing risk.

Tresa brings over 25 years of hands-on HR practitioner experience across a variety of industries and organizational sizes. HR Precision draws on a unique background with a wide range of real-life HR and business experiences in order guide clients in successfully maneuvering complex employment-related problems.

The work results of HR Precision reflect its name—PRECISION—providing precise solutions customized to your unique business needs throughout a long-term relationship with your organization.