HR Consulting Services

HR Consulting Services

by HRStaff

HR Precision brings world-class knowledge, proven experience, and professionalism to the human resource problems and projects in your company.

We contribute to your organization by developing an understanding of your unique needs and then delivering customized solutions aligned to your business.

All businesses—no matter how large or small—are faced with two essential human resource challenges:

  • how to increase the effectiveness of people; and
  • how to decrease risk of employment-related complaints and litigation.

Here are just a few examples of how HR Precision can assist your business:

  • Partner with executive leadership to strategically align HR practices to business needs and organizational culture
  • Conduct an HR Practices Audit to identify areas of improvement for either increased effectiveness or decreased risk
  • Provide coaching on handling a sensitive employee situation, workplace problem, or performance issue
  • Create and implement a performance management system that sets expectations and incorporates performance coaching and accountability
  • Develop an Employee Handbook and employment-related procedures/documents to establish core HR practices
  • Conduct a workplace investigation regarding a harassment or discrimination concern
  • Conduct an organizational effectiveness assessment for an organization, department, or team and recommend interventions for improvement
  • Establish employment policies and consistent practices for hiring, discipline, and termination to decrease employment-related risk
  • Audit positions for appropriate exempt/nonexempt classification
  • Provide management training or coaching on a variety of leadership topics
  • Assist legal counsel by providing investigative or expert witness services for an existing complaint or lawsuit

HR Precision can contribute to businesses of all sizes.

  • Outsourced HR professional for small business without an internal HR resource
  • Coaching/development and outside expertise for business with HR resource with limited experience
  • Complement internal HR talent with specific expertise or additional bandwidth for large business with established HR team

HR Precision can help your business resolve an
existing problem or prevent new ones.